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  • Learning & Performance

    • Learning Management

      Learning Management

      HealthStream offers performance learning management solutions to help develop your healthcare staff into leaders and reduce turnover.

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      • Classroom Management
      • Learning Management System
      • Content Creation
    • Video Learning

      Video Learning

      HealthStream works with healthcare organizations to create engaging and high-quality training videos for your staff and management.

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      • Video Authoring
      • Video Hosting
    • Reporting & Analytics

      Improve care quality and save money by making informed decisions about your healthcare facility and staff with HealthStream's reporting analytics solution.

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      • Learning Initiative Management
      • Insights
    • Performance & Engagement

      HealthStream's proven methods for the improvement and overall engagement of your healthcare staff foster a positive workplace and increase retention rates.

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      • Performance Center
      • Social Recognition
  • Quality & Compliance

    • Compliance Solutions

      Compliance Solutions

      Be confident in your staff’s ability to reduce risk by providing compliance training that changes behavior.

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      • Compliance Education
      • Conflict of Interest
      • Security Awareness
      • Regulation Compass
    • Quality & Safety

      Develop next-level people for next-level care by prioritizing quality and safety improvements.

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      • Quality Management
      • Safety Education
      • Opioid-Related Education
      • Hospitality and Food Safety
    • Policy Management

      Policy Management

      Standardize policy and procedure management with an automated, customized, and centralized system.

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      • Policy Manager
    • Culture & Leadership

      Establish a culture of belonging with education supporting DEI, wellness, engagement, and leadership development.

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      • Leadership Development
    • Medical Product Training

      Medical Product Training

      Deliver custom or industry designed product training directly to patient and resident care environments to reinforce proper use.

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  • Reimbursem*nt

    Revenue Cycle Education

    Streamline the revenue cycle management process and protect your bottom line with expert-backed education.

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    • Patient Access
    • Case Management
    • Clinical Documentation
    • Denials Management
  • Resuscitation

    Resuscitation Solutions

    Nurture the skills of your nurses and medical staff to help mold them into effective leaders with development training from HealthStream.

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    • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Clinical Development

    Clinical Development

    • Competency


      Make sure your clinicians have the support they need to provide competent care with clinical competency training and development from HealthStream.

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      • Preceptor Development
      • Clinical Analytics
      • Competency Suite
      • Competency Development
    • Clinical Quality

      Clinical Quality

      HealthStream’s learning management system and comprehensive suite of competency management tools empower your healthcare workforce to deliver the best patient care.

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      • Maternal Care
      • Clinical Initiative Programs
      • Emergency Nursing Education
    • Onboarding & Placement

      The suite of healthcare onboarding solutions available from HealthStream aids in nurse retention and improved patient outcomes.

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      • Clinical Placement
      • Nurse Residency
      • Medical Assistant Orientation
    • Skills & Decision Support

      Give your healthcare staff the decision support and skills training they need with the online products available from HealthStream.

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      • EBSCO Dynamic Health
      • Checklist
    • Professional Development

      Professional Development

      HealthStream leverages medical professional development in healthcare by providing staff training programs

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      • CE Unlimited
      • Ambulatory Programs
      • Nurse Leadership Development
    • Acute Care

      Acute Care

      Create engaging and impactful learning experiences that meet the unique needs of your acute care staff.

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    • Resuscitation & Clinical Deterioration

      Learn about our advanced resuscitation training solutions. Our solutions are designed to help improve patient outcomes.

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      • Clinical Deterioration
  • Scheduling

    Nurse & Staff Scheduling

    Healthcare workforce management is essential. We provide advanced scheduling solutions for organizations to solve issues such as nurse retention

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    • ANSOS Staff Scheduling
    • NurseGrid Manager
    • ShiftWizard
  • Credentialing


    • Provider Credentialing

      Provider Credentialing

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      • CredentialStream
      • CredentialMyDoc
      • EchoCredentialing
      • EchoOneApp
      • MSOW
      • CredentialStream for Groups
    • Network Credentialing

      Network Credentialing

      Tackle all the challenges of provider directory management within a health plan with a single solution tailored to your specific needs.

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    • HealthStream CVO

      HealthStream CVO

      Our affordable CVO credentialing services establish patient safety by enabling primary source verification for your healthcare organization.

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      • NCQA-certified CVO Verification Services
      • OneClick CVO
    • Provider Experience

      Provider Experience

      Finally, a comprehensive resource to support collecting, storing, and sharing credentialing data with ease.

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    • Provider Validate

      Provider Validate

      Integrate with Epic to validate and add new providers directly to your provider master file.

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      • Provider Validate
    • Industry Rep Credentialing

      Industry Rep Credentialing

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      • Industry Rep Credentialing
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  • Acute Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Prehospital - EMS
  • Revenue Cycle Management
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Quality Manager formerly known as abaqis®

Mitigate risk and elevate your quality of care. Improving both clinical and business outcomes starts with a smarter, more integrated approach to regulatory training, continuing education and quality management.

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hStream Content Marketplace

Connecting you to the Best Content. Access to 75 Partners and 35,000+ Courses in our Industry-Leading Marketplace. Streamline content purchasing, updates, hosting and connectivity for your organizational needs.

NurseGrid Learn

Online store for Clinical Learners. Individual CE Credit and industry products for Clinical Learners are now available through NurseGrid Learn (Beta). Explore our robust collection of courses that provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and choice.

Practitioner Courses

Meet the DEA's new requirement under the Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) Act in an online, high-quality and self-paced 8-hour DEA MATE Act course specifically designed for practitioners, including Physicians, PAs, NPs, Pharmacists, Dentists and others.

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Improve outcomes and quality of care with our healthcare learning management system.

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Healthcare Learning Management System - HealthStream (6)

Automate learningassignments

Healthcare Learning Management System - HealthStream (7)

Improve care outcomes

Healthcare Learning Management System - HealthStream (8)

Accelerate learning development

Does your workforce training meet organization and staff needs?

The investments you make in training and developing staff can impact your organization in many ways.. Effective healthcare learning is key to engaging and retaining your organization’s top performers, while optimizing care for your patients and benefiting your bottom line.With a highly trained staff you’ll meet compliance requirements and elevate your reputation for providing superior care to patients.HealthStream's modern, customizable healthcare learning management system allows you to strategically manage and continuously develop your staff towards better patient care.

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Develop staff with personalized learning paths

Offering continuous learning is vital in order to provide the best care to your patients, but can often prove costly and ineffective if it fails to address each learners knowledge gaps. Our healthcare learning management system offers personalized pathways for your learners and meets them where they are in their career development journeys.

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Leverage our healthcare learning management system to:

Healthcare Learning Management System - HealthStream (20)

Automate learning assignments

Healthcare Learning Management System - HealthStream (21)

Support improved outcomes andcare quality

Healthcare Learning Management System - HealthStream (22)

Develop your learners


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  • Interactive Learning Experience
  • Access to third party courseware
  • Medical Product Training and industry sponsored CE/CME courses
  • Medline University - Clinical Education Resource Center
  • Highly configurable reporting
  • Assignment Engine – Administrators can assign courses by department, job title, location, date, or other custom fields
  • Student Groups – In addition to individual assignments, the Student Groups feature allows administrators to create, edit, and manage groups of students’ assignments
  • Annotations – Add site, department, or job category specific information to our regulatory courses to further customize learning activities to support your specific policies and procedures

Solutions powered by

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Client Spotlight

HealthStream Learning allows our staff to spend less time on training, and more time caring for patients and the community.

Joey Flispart

eLearning and Instructional Design

Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health Services

We can think differently and be more creative and offer more resources to staff because we are not having to file a bunch of paper and track things manually.

Jennifer Watson

Manager of Human Resources & Development

Baptist Health Floyd

Create a modern, collaborative learning environment

Develop and grow towards optimal performance and learning with our healthcare learning management system. Provide rich learning experiences that meet the unique needs of every employee and every department in your organization.

A comprehensive and effective learning management system streamlines the learning process so staff members can get back to the business of delivering expert-level care to your patients. Over 4,000 organizations across the continuum of care trust HealthStream —as their workforce development and learning platform.

HealthStream Learning creates unique learning experiences through interactive video and content, enhanced course authoring, and an extensive 3D medical illustration library. Cultivate a culture geared toward consistent and engaged learning through exclusive content from healthcare’s most respected leaders. HealthStream Learning provides an adaptive learning pathway geared toward each student’s needs and goals.

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As a healthcareorganization are you:

  • Certain your staff is providing competentcare?
  • Seeking ways to cut cost-- but not effectiveness--on learning tools?
  • Trying to find ways to engage and retain topperformers?
  • Looking for simpler ways to meet compliancerequirements?

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Find out how HealthStream Learning Management Systemcan help improve outcomes and quality of care throughworkforce development.

Healthcare Learning Management System - HealthStream (2024)


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