MX OEM v0.18.1 - Second Wave (2024)



We’ve added the “oem-feedback” forum on the MXB-Discord. When giving feedback, please consider using the forum for that. And please, stick to the guidelines.


MX OEM v0.18.1 is here and with it the long awaited 2 stroke screamers!

New and Updated Bikes

This update features a range of new and updated bikes, including 2023 Yamahas, Fantics, and GasGas (old models, GasGas got the same update treatment as 4 stroke. We’re still awaiting an update to the Yamaha model but we had to sit this out and also didn’t update the GFX on both YZs), and the 2023 KTMs, Husqvarnas and as a premiere the TMs.
In addition, it also includes some classic 2-stroke models such as the CR500AF, but also the known MX3 KTM KX500 “Black Knight” and in a TM MX 530 Fi.

Here’s a list:

Fantic XX250 2023
GASGAS MC 250 2023 (4T model update treatment)
Husqvarna TC 250 2023
KTM 250 SX 2023
TM MX 144 2023
TM MX 250 2023
Yamaha YZ250 2023

Fantic XX125 2023
GASGAS MX 125 2023
Husqvarna TC 125 2023
KTM 125 SX 2023
TM MX 125 2023
Yamaha YZ125 2023


Beta 300 RX 2022
Honda CR500AF Service
KTM KX 500 2021
KTM 300 SX 2023
TM MX 530 Fi 2023
TM MX 300 2023

Some of the above listed bikes are well known from earlier OEM releases, but finally got their new b18 treatment by our physics team.

Fixes and Improvements

We’ve been working hard and addressing your feedback and fixing issues with the previous release. This new update includes a range of fixes and improvements, including:

  • Improved sound effects: The sound effects of the bikes have been improved to provide a more realistic experience.
  • Camera position fixes: The camera positions have been adjusted to provide a better view of the action.
  • Minor bug fixes: Several minor bugs and hiccups have been fixed.

Besides that, a fantastic creator by the name of JVDL Creations worked a lot on a revised look of the Honda CRF bikes. These now appear in an absolutely new and fantastic look. See for yourself!

You can read more about his work and our future of texture details in his recent post, Proper texture maps equal realism – Project OEM (

The Credits

Everyone who made this pack possible.

Once again the OEM Supporters and donators were going CRAZY the last couple weeks. You guys make us believe in all of this and as hard as times are, you keep us motivated to continue! <3

But now to the guys who made this pack possible. A big thanks to the following guys:

Asdrael – The man who started the OEM movement.
Alpha – Tester as well as helping Mulock with tyres.
Cody_James – Texturing, preparing PSDs.
Frankie – Modeller, without him, this pack would probably not exist now.
GreenLenux – Textures, PSDs, social media, teaser, trailer.
insane – Gathering the team, setting up the website, keeping you on track, importing the bikes and distributing.
Mulock22 – Physics. Physics and physics.
Phantomz – Modelling.
Zonta – Physics. Destroying Mulock’s physics. Physics.

Jmehrtz – Helping with models. Providing a new CRF exhaust (so far).
JVDL Designs– Bringing us on a new journey of visual quality for the future.
RedRider – Making all the new bikes dirty.
SD – Making the OEM Manual (soon to come) possible.

BamBeintz – Help with textures
– Help with textures
– Feedback
StoneRider – Feedback
Ruubs – Feedback
SomeDoofus – Feedback
Hemi – Feedback
– Feedback
Jamz– Feedback
Pelster818 – Feedback
Wes – Feedback
DM – Feedback
Higgo383 – Feedback
Hurlz – Feedback
mini – Feedback
Tom – Feedback
TypicalCanadian – Feedback
Waevo – Feedback

Known Things

  • Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a new YZ model in time, and we didn’t make a 2023 livery for the YZs just yet. The YZ model is still in the works and will come at a later time.
  • Some of the new 2 stroke bikes are using 4 stroke mud. It might look off here and there, but we weren’t able to have all mud layers dialed on time. These will also be patched in a later release.


  • fixed some team indicators
  • fixed some bike infos
  • fixed some naming conventions
  • fixed some sounds
  • updated some cameras
  • updated some bike suspensions
  • updated pivots to better suit the way the game meant to work (steer and inner forks physics placement)
  • added modern 2 stroke bikes
  • added MX3 bikes
  • revamped the CRF textures, being the “beginning” of our new texturing journey
  • info: we did NOT touch the YZ livery since we’re awaiting a brand new model, it was just not possible to finish it on time.
  • updated tyres, “midsoft” is totally stock piboso. other tyres got minimal traction updates



MX OEM v0.18.1 - Second Wave (2024)


Why is MX Bikes saying connection timeout? ›

If you get "Connection Timeout" error then your router / firewall could be blocking MXB. Please try opening UDP ports 54200 and 54210. If you get "Data Mismatch" then you likely have an older version of a mod that the server is using, and will need to update it.

How do I fix connection timeout error? ›

How to Fix “err_connection_timed_out”
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  5. Disable browser extensions. ...
  6. Check for browser updates. ...
  7. Disable your Firewall or Antivirus temporarily. ...
  8. Flush DNS Cache.

Why isn't MX Bikes working? ›

If MX Bikes fails to start, please check that mxbikes.exe is not blocked by antivirus software. If MX Bikes starts and then quits immediately showing only a blank screen, please make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

Why is MX Bikes so expensive? ›

Specialized design and engineering

That is the reason why dirt bikes are the stars of dirt trails, motocross tracks, and other challenging environments. Important details like lightweight and durable materials, advanced suspension systems, and specialized tires significantly raise production costs.

How do I know if my MX bike is stolen? ›

BikeChecker is a FREE service for people purchasing a second-hand bike, which allows you to check that the bike is not listed as stolen on the BikeRegister Database. Enter a frame number or unique BikeRegister ID below, and click on the magnifying glass.

What console is MX Bikes for? ›

MX Bikes is a Sports game developed by PiBoSo that can be played on Windows, PC (Steam).

Is MX Bikes free? ›

If you are interested in MX Bikes, you can download the demo. The project is constantly evolving, so join the community to orient future development. To unlock the full version and to support development purchase a license.

What is the reason connection timed out? ›

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